DDT CONTRACTING SERVICES, INC, (DDTCSI) A.K.A. Dancin’ Doug Travel (DDT) was founded in November of 2006 by Douglas Colón. Douglas was one of the Original “B-Boy” Break Dancers in the Bronx and Harlem at the very start of the Hip Hop Era in the early 1970’s. With his unique break dance style, Douglas was named “Dancin’ Doug” by “Kool Herc”, the Original Godfather of Hip-Hop.

In November of 2006, Douglas joined the “Your Travel Business” (YTB) Travel Network and became a Referring Travel Agent (RTA). He left YTB shortly thereafter in August of 2007 and incorporated “Dancin’ Doug Travel” (DDT). DDT became an Independent Travel Agency under the Umbrella of the Nexion Host Agency of Southlake Texas.

In 2013 Dancin’ Doug Travel (DDT) was certified as a Vendor for the U.S. Government. In 2015 DDT became an Independent Host Agency. He officially changed the name of the company to DDT CONTRACTING SERVICES, INC (DDT CSI). Douglas is a Certified Travel Associate (CTA) under the auspices of the Travel Institute and DDT CSI is affiliated with IATA, CLIA and ARC.

DDTCSI now has 8 Divisions: 1) DDT Vacations (Dancin’ Doug Travel), 2) DDCSI MBE/Government, 3) DDTCSI Military (Military Vacations), 4) DDT Academic Division, 5) DDT Corporate, 6) DDT Sports and Entertainment, 7) DDT Host Travel Agency and 8) DDT Latino Division.

Dancin’ Doug Travel initially specialized in hosting “Travel Parties” throughout the Caribbean: Jamaica, Bahamas, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and the Cayman Islands.

DDT expanded and initiated a “Bucket List” series of Tours/Trips that have taken the DDT Family all over the world with stops in Egypt, Bora Bora, Italy, Paris, Brussels, Brazil, Hawaii, Aruba, Turks and Caicos, Spain, Amsterdam, Greece, Tahiti, Brussels, London, Dubai, China, Costa Rica, South Africa, Barbados, and Morocco.

Our cadre of professionally trained Dance Instructors, working in conjunction with our renowned DJs and LIVE Acts, provide consistently superior entertainment and the kinds of moments that in time become wonderfully precious memories. An added benefit…’the moves’ you learn are yours forever!

The Best thing about all of this is our “Layaway” Payment plans. This allows the DDT Family members to pay for trips over a period of time that were heretofore unreachable or too expensive. We also have a great pricing plan. Due to our larger than normal group sizes, our agency affiliations allow us to offer the best (lowest) prices possible for all our excursions and events.

Our motto is, “We start with prayer and we finish with prayer–and we have a whole lot of fun in between!-It’s a Love Thang!”

DDT does an annual Charity Drive for the “New Friends New Life” Ministry for Women victimized by Human Sex Trafficking. A Free Trip to “Summer Madness” is given to the Winner. DDT also has a School Supply/Toiletry drive for the area where we visit each year with our “DDT LOVE GIVEBACK” Program. Besides the trips and items donated, we raise Thousands of Dollars for each.

We offer Fun Games, a Sunday Sermon on the Beach, and Theme Parties like our Elegant Masquerade Ball and Toga Party. We bring people of all colors and cultures together to share in the basic human endeavor of having FUN. We foster new life long international, intercultural and interpersonal relationships. Many new, life-long friendships are formed at our events. DDT offers Laughter, Camaraderie, Fun, Fellowship, and the Trust that you will travel to great places with great people! We ‘work hard’ just so you can ‘play harder’.


Douglas was a Special Agent/Law Enforcement Officer with the U.S. Federal Government’s Office of Labor Racketeering (OLR) in New York. He moved up to become Special Agent-in-Charge and Regional Inspector General of the Philadelphia and Atlanta Regions. He retired after 25 years of service.

With his background, Douglas/DDT puts an emphasis on providing Safe and Secure travel with Fun and Fellowship.

9:00 am – 5:00 pm
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
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9:00 am – 5:00 pm
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
DDT Contracting Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 82386
Conyers, Georgia 30013

DDT Contracting Services is closed on major holidays.