F A Q’s

How can I make a correction on my travel reservation form?

Please send an email to admin@ddtcsi.com with your name, vacation package, and the corrections or adjustments to your reservation.

Does DDT CSI have a client portal?

Yes, DDT CSI uses Travel eSolutions for our Customer Relationship Management tool. After we review and verify your travel reservation and deposit for your vacation package, we will enter your reservation and create your booking. Once completed you will receive an email from DDT to activate your client portal. Be sure to check your spam folder just in case.

Does DDT CSI send invoices?

Yes, we can. Our CRM tool allows us to communicate your trip invoices. You can also login to your client portal to view your trip balance at any time through Travel eSolutions.

How can I locate my Client Portal in Travel eSolutions?

Currently, Travel eSolutions uses a social network for you to log in. Click here to log in to your client portal. As a note, new clients will need to receive their email from DDT to activate their client portal.

Can I make a payment with my credit card for pre-approvals in my Client Portal?

At this time, DDT CSI is not accepting credit card pre-approvals. We ask our clients to please do not enter any credit card information in their client portal. We use PayPal Payments via credit or debit cards. Visit the Payments section on our website for more information.

I’m having difficulty logging in to my client portal.

If you are having issues with logging into to your client portal, please contact support@travelesolutions.com.

How can I make corrections to My Profile in the Client Portal?

Send an email to admin@ddtcsi.com with the information to correct and we will update your profile.

How can I purchase Travel Insurance (Trip Protection)?

Travel Insurance (Trip Protection) can be purchased through IMGlobal Travel. For more information on IMGlobal Travel Insurance click here.

How can I become a Travel Agency with DDT Contracting Services, Inc.?

If you are interested in becoming a Travel Agency Owner and work with DDT Contracting Services, Inc. please contact us at admin@ddtcsi.com for more information.

Does DDT CSI have a cancellation policy for their trips?

Yes, DDT CSI has cancellation policies for all trips. All cancellation policies are listed within the vacation details on the flyer. DDT CSI has a standard $100.00 fee that is applied to the total cost of the cancellation of the trip.

Are there payment schedules for the trips?

Yes. Please review the details located in the flyer or where it says “Click here for more information” under the trip on the Vacations tab.

Do you have a question for us? Feel free to send an email to admin@ddtcsi.com. Have a happy and safe trip!