Trip Protection/Travel Insurance


When you submit a travel reservation form on our website, please note that by not choosing whether or not you want Travel Insurance will result in an incomplete application. You will need to select the Policy that you want and make payment.  Travel Insurance is not in effect until it’s paid for. 


Basic Trip Protection is available with IMGlobal (International Medical Group) Travel Insurance Product.

For more information on the available plans and benefits, see the document below:

You can select your own policy/coverage by clicking the IMGlobal pic below:

IMGlobal Travel Insurance

On the IMGlobal Travel website, please be sure to select “Filter” to select just “Travel Insurance”. Then you just put in all of your information and select the plan you want. The info will be sent to us.

We ALWAYS and HIGHLY recommend that everyone purchase Trip Protection, even if it’s not through us to protect you from the unexpected. 

For additional information please contact or call (678) 602-9813.